Saturday, December 17, 2011

Studio Visit: Gerri Davis

Gerri Davis is an artist that I met while we were both showcasing our paintings at a group exhibition at Lyons Weir Gallery in Chelsea back in 2009.  She is an excellent person, a dangerous painter to watch out for, and she just got a new studio in Manhattan which I visited this past weekend. 

Oh!!...There she is!

She lives and works in NYC. Her work is extremely intriguing and she paints with incredible skill in watercolors, oils, and inks, she exhibits all over New York City, has curated exhibitions, designs her own clothes, look at this piece!  

          This oil painting is absolutely enormous, 96 x 92 inches.  

This is a work in progress of Ryan and Trevor Oakes.  Two more mind-bogglingly incredible people that I met through Gerri who I will dedicate a post to hopefully sometime in the spring after they complete their flawlessly executed plans for art world domination.

Uh Oh!  Wait!  There she is AGAIN!

Gerri Davis's jaw dropping studio space! 

Her next exhibition in January at Bridge Gallery on 98 Orchard Street between Broome and Delancey the first week of February through March 15th.  I'll be at this show, come have some wine and cheese with me and I'll introduce you.  It'll be fun.  If you want to see more of Gerri's work visit her here and keep her on your radar.

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